3 Ways To Use Industrial Wire Mesh To Enhance Your Chicken Coop

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Owning chickens on your agricultural property or farm is definitely going to generate some return, whether you are in it for turning a profit by breeding and selling birds or by harvesting eggs. However, chicken keeping also brings about some sheltering concerns that may not be an issue with other animals. One of the most useful materials you can have for your chicken coop is industrial wire mesh, even though this is not something the average farmer picks up when building poultry quarters. Check out this short list of ways to enhance your chicken coop with industrial wire mesh. 

Create an underground perimeter around run areas. 

A good chicken coop has what is referred to as a "run," which is an enclosed area attached to the coop where chickens can come out to dust bathe, scratch, and enjoy sunlight without being threatened by predators. Many chicken owners create a nice run but do not stop to consider that the run can actually be a vulnerable spot if the perimeter fencing or wiring isn't properly seated in the ground. Using wire mesh to install a sort of underground skirt around the walls of the run will deter predators that can dig under, such as raccoons, opossums, and snakes. 

Protect windows from predators while still allowing ventilation. 

Chickens are pretty resilient to the cold and heat, but one thing that can cause problems inside of a chicken coop is high levels of humidity. High humidity can contribute to everything from mold growth in the summer to frostbit combs and waddles in the winter, so ventilating your coop is hugely important. Even just a few small windows will suffice for ventilation, but windows have to be rightly protected so the chickens can't slip out and so predators cannot slip inside. Industrial-grade wire mesh is an excellent solution and can be cut to fit even oddly shaped windows. 

Install a protective wire mesh layer beneath the floor. 

If your chicken coop sits up off the ground, small critters will do all they can to get beneath the coop and chew their way through the wood flooring, and they can succeed. The simple solution to this problem is to attach a piece of heavy wire mesh underneath of the wood flooring. Wire mesh is much harder to break through with sharp claws and gnawing teeth, so when attached properly, it is effective at keeping out most types of predators that could harm your chickens. 

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