Acrylic Printing Helps You Create The Perfect Artwork For Your Home's Walls

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Acrylic printing gives you the chance to create unique artwork for your home. You can use your own photographs, so your artwork is one-of-a-kind. Acrylic prints are popular because they have a sleek and modern look. The photo is printed directly onto an acrylic sheet. This process creates a unique effect on the ink that gives the photo a dimensional quality. Here are more details about acrylic printing. 

Acrylic Prints Don't Need A Frame

You can have an acrylic print framed if you want to, but it's not necessary. In fact, not having a frame is one of the appealing aspects of acrylic printing. The acrylic can be of different thicknesses as you prefer. The photo bleeds over the sides of the frame so it shows on the sides as well as the front. This gives the picture a unique look that would be covered up in a frame.

The Hangers Are Invisible

Hangers are attached to the print so they're hidden in the back. These are invisible once the picture is hanging on your wall. Since you may not want a frame for your print, the artwork appears to be floating against the wall once it's mounted. This further enhances the modern look of your artwork.

The Acrylic Sheets Can Be Different Sizes

The printing process allows your photo to be cropped first and expanded to any size. You might want small prints to mount along your stairs or a single large print to hang on a living room or bedroom wall. You have endless options with acrylic printing.

Acrylic Prints Are Durable

Since the print is usually done directly on acrylic, the picture you hang on your wall should last for many decades as long as you care for your print properly. It's best to avoid extreme heat and UV exposure so the acrylic won't be harmed and the ink won't fade.

Acrylic prints are durable enough to hang outdoors, but hang them in the shade rather than in direct sunlight. Also, be careful about cleaning the acrylic. Abrasive cleaners and scrubbers can scratch the acrylic, so only use a cloth and mild cleaners to keep your print clean and in good shape for many years.

Acrylic printing gives you options for finding the perfect artwork for your home and decor. You no longer have to search for something unique for your home. As long as you can use your smartphone's camera, you can create a photo with the perfect elements and colors to match any room in your home. You could make an acrylic print from a family photo, a beautiful flower, or anything else that has meaning for your family or that adds the perfect touch to your decor.

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