3 Tips To Almost Get Rich Searching For The Most Valuable Scrap Metals

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Have you ever collected or donated metal cans to be recycled for cash? The aluminum in the cans is one of the more valuable scrap metals that can easily be found. Aluminum is not the only valuable metal that is worth a heap more than tin or steel; you can also find precious metals like silver, gold, and platinum if you know where to look. There are also copper, brass, and alloy metals that are valuable. If you want to make the most from scrap metal, here are a few tips that will give you more of a cash reward for your efforts:

1. There's Gold in That Heap of Electronic Junk

Rapid advancements in technology means there are also expanding heaps of electronic waste, which is good news for you if you are scrapping metal. In the parts of electronics, there are also sorts of precious metals; most notably gold and silver. With an acid path solution, you will be able to easily separate gold plating from electronic parts. Silver is sometimes more noticeable and used for connections in switches and other electrical equipment. Also, old electronic junk has heavier parts, which also means there will be more gold in them.

2. Organizing Fittings Is the Right Fit to Get More Cash for Copper and Brass

There are also different types of fittings that are used for anything from household plumbing to industrial hydraulic systems. These are metal alloys that contain copper and zinc, some which may contain more copper than others. As a rule of thumb, the redder the brass is, the more copper it contains. Copper is one of the most valuable scrap metals you will come across, which is used in everything from plumbing and electrical wires to electric motors and electrical parts. It is also the main metal component in brass alloys.

3. Finding Aluminum, Lead, Platinum, and Silver in Some Most Unlikely Places

There are other valuable metals that you are sure to come across on your scrapping treasure hunts. Materials like aluminum are valuable, and they are found in things like building materials and cast car parts. Platinum is another valuable metal, which is found in the catalytic converter of modern cars, but do not tamper with it and take it directly to the recycling center to ensure you do not loose the platinum or value. Lead is another material that has commonly been used as a building material and is sometimes found in electrical and telephone equipment.

These are some tips that will help get you more cash for scrap metal. If you have valuable metals collected and sorted, take them to a recycling center to see how these tips have paid off in a handsome cash reward.