Choosing a Bed for Your Work Truck

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If you use your truck for work, you might want to consider getting a specialty bed for it. The type of work you do with it may dictate what type of bed you choose for the truck. The options are varied and there are a lot of manufacturers making standard designs, as well as custom options. The choice will be yours to make.

Choosing the Bed Material

When it comes to truck beds, the material option can be very important. The weight of the bed, the durability and corrosion resistance, and the strength of the bed are all concerns. Aluminum is one popular option because it performs well in all these categories. The material is lightweight, is very strong, and looks good when properly maintained. While there are other options out there, aluminum is probably the most common choice.

Design and Configuration of Your Truck Bed

If you are considering an aluminum truck bed, deciding what the bed needs to do is important. If you are a contractor, you might want a truck with toolboxes on the sides. If you use the truck for hauling and towing, a flatbed might be the best option. No matter what you use your truck for, there is a bed option available that will help you get the job done.

Painting and Maintenance

Once installed, the bed will need to be maintained in order to keep it looking good and working well. Washing the truck regularly is the best way to keep the truck and the bed looking great. Waxing it a couple times a year helps a lot as well. If the truck bed is painted, it can still be waxed. Powder-coated beds may not require as much maintenance but should still be washed regularly. Dirt, sand, or other materials on the bed surface can be ground in by boots if you are working in the bed, or by things being loaded into the bed. Keeping it clean is the best way to protect it and make it last.

Custom Aluminum Beds

If you have searched the market and cannot find what you want or need for a truck bed, you can order a custom bed from many different manufacturers or custom fabricators. Going with a custom option is a great way to get everything you want in your new aluminum truck bed. If you have specific needs that are not normally an option for a pre-made bed, talk to the company building your bed before the process starts, so they can incorporate them into your bed. Pick the finish for the bed early as well. The bed will come out much better if everything is on paper before the construction starts.

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