8 Great Uses For Repurposed Concrete

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As existing buildings get demolished to make way for new construction, salvaged concrete is increasingly used for a variety of purposes. Repurposing the concrete keeps it out of landfills and provides a valuable material for homeowners seeking to upgrade their outdoor living spaces. Recycled concrete is a durable material that's ideal for outdoor hardscaping. Following are just eight of the many ways that you can use salvaged concrete to provide your outdoor living space with an attractive upgrade.

Retaining Walls

Salvaged concrete makes excellent retain wall material because it's resistant to all types of weather, durable, will last for a very long time, and has a number of decorative options. For instance, it can be stamped in a pleasing pattern to upgrade the aesthetic appeal of your outdoor living space. Concrete can also be painted, polished, stained, and textured according to your individual preference. Of course, the old-school look provided by a plain wall of concrete bricks has value as well, especially in informal cottage-style gardens where rambling roses and vines are allowed to embellish them.

Garden Statuary

Garden statuary provides definition and finish to your outdoor living space. They're particularly charming in culinary herb gardens and can also be used as statement pieces near doorways or patios. Recycled concrete is an excellent medium for statuary because it's solid, versatile, and handles all outdoor weather conditions well. You can purchase concrete garden statuary from local artisans or get creative and make it yourself for a completely personal touch. Crushed concrete is available for purchase that you mix with water and then pour into the mold of your choice. 


Backyard firepits provide multiple options for outdoor entertaining and recreation. They can keep guests warm during evening or winter celebrations and can be used to roast hot dogs, marshmallows, and other classic fireside foods. You can choose to have a permanent fire pit built from concrete, but you also have the option of building a concrete base for a portable fire pit. You can also use salvaged concrete blocks to custom-design your own outdoor kitchen. 

Gate and Fence Pillars

Sturdy gate and fence pillars provide added stability for gate and fence materials as well as provide a solid look. Concrete blocks are particularly attractive when placed on each side of a gate at the entrance to a property. You can also choose to use them as fence posts 


Recycled concrete blocks can also be placed side-by-side and used as planters for both ornamental and edible plants. Because concrete holds heat extremely well, they provide an excellent option for growing plants that thrive in warm conditions, such as tomatoes, peppers, and many tropical ornamental plants such as 


The weatherproof nature of concrete makes it an ideal material for use in outdoor furniture such as garden benches. Sure, you'll have to add cushions to the picture for optimal comfort while relaxing in your outdoor living space, but chances are you'd have to use cushions on benches made with wood or other materials anyway. 


Provide your feathered friends with fresh drinking and bathing water to keep them cool and hydrated on hot summer days. Concrete makes excellent birdbaths because it's nonporous, meaning that the it won't be easily eroded by being constantly exposed to moisture. 


Recycled concrete aggregate can be used to create a paved firebreak around the perimeter of your home. If you live in an area where wildfire activity poses a potential danger, creating a firebreak at least six feet out from the exterior walls of your home protects your home from fire. The concrete can be polished or stamped to create an appealing appearance, and you can set up planters and seating areas for increased aesthetics.