Questions To Ask When Installing A Home Sound System

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One of the best ways to bring out new excitement from your home that you may not have considered in the past is to install a professional sound system. By maximizing your sound performance, you can allow yourself to be immersed in music, movies, and other entertainment in ways that may not have previously been possible.

That immersion, however, can be difficult to achieve unless you have a deeper understanding of the installation process. Below, you'll find a guide to some questions you should be sure to ask a sound system installer like Metro Sound & Lighting. Getting the answers to these questions will guarantee peak performance and minimal frustration.

Ask About Speaker Density

Many people may be under the misunderstanding that installing more speakers will always produce a superior sound. In fact, in more confined areas, a large number of speakers may risk feedback and distortion and may have muddy results that can leave you struggling to pick out the audio details that your sound system should highlight.

Your professional installer will measure your space, test its regular audio levels, and design a speaker layout accordingly. This also includes determining the proper locations for speaker placement, as you may achieve better performance from speakers placed at strategic points or even elevations inside your room.

Ask About Maintenance

If you're going to make the financial commitment to substantially upgrade your home speaker system, it's important to make the same commitment to maintaining that upgrade. While your setup should likely require very few adjustments, there are some simple household tasks that can go a long way toward extending its life.

Speakers can be magnets for dust and dirt, so it's important to take the time to clean them thoroughly before you hear any distortion. There may also be restrictions in terms of electrical loading and sharing electric outlets with other components in your home, and your installer will walk you through those concerns as well as advise you on necessary surge protection.

Ask About Acoustic Treatments

It's important to balance your desire for audio performance with a consciousness of the people living around you. A booming sound system may be thrilling for you, but it may be a source of annoyance for your neighbors. Too much volume might also actually decrease the clarity from your system, but the solution might be in altering your home rather than your audio equipment. When you go through a sound system installation, be sure to ask about drapes, soundproofing, and other acoustic treatments that can maximize your system's performance.